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Valkyries of Odin Introduction

Follow along to a world of Norse mythology and battle for wins and Free Spins side by side with the Valkyries of Odin as well as bold dragons. A Valkyrie was a female creature that chose which warriors would lose their lives in Midgard. Half of the warriors were said to end up in the majestic aura of Valhalla while the other half ended up in the humble abode of the Goddess Freia in Asgard. The Valkyries fought the battles themselves as well as serving some watering mead and well-grilled pork from the pig named Särimner. 

If you wish to know more about how these brave and strong women can help you land just the right wins, you might want to keep reading right now!

Valkyries of Odin Features

The game field is one placed on the dark sails of a Viking ship, and on the reels, you can see symbols of all kinds – all matching the theme of the game. The lower valued symbols are of the classic card deck symbols, which are the J, Q, K, and A, all made in rustic style with rough hammered iron edges. Horns filled with mead, shields with crossed swords in the foreground, and the big warrior helmets and axes will grant you somewhat bigger payouts as they appear on the sails of the ship. The highest paid symbols come from the beautiful Valkyries that each and every one of them has their own symbols in the colours of green, blue, or red. At today´s archaeological exhibitions around Scandinavia, they have found silver figurines that are supposed Valkyries with the horn of meld and welcoming Odin as he enters Valhalla on his horse named Sleipner. 

Apart from the basic symbols, there are also some extra special symbols to keep a lookout for. Two of these can trigger different Free Spins Features while the third is the Wild of the game. This Wild Symbol consists of a frightful warrior woman dressed in copper green, well-fitting armour, and piercing blue eyes. The backdrop of her symbol is of dramatic, flashing lightning, and if it wasn’t your way to a Wild, we might have wanted to stay hidden from it. But let us now dive in deeper into how you can raid these special symbols and reach the skies for real.

Valkyries of Odin Free Spins and Bonuses

Valkyries of Odin Video Slot offers two different Free Spins Features. One of them is called Beast Battle Feature and is triggered when at least 3 symbols of a dragon take place on the reels. The number of Free Spins that are awarded to you depends on how many dragons appear. 

5 dragons awards you 30 Free Spins

4 dragons awards you 20 Free Spins

3 dragons awards you 10 Free Spins

It is then possible to get your hands on 30 Free Spins that also grants paylines and wins in both directions. This means that it pays from left to right and from right to left during the active Free Spins. It is, therefore, possible to be awarded two winning combinations per line.

The other extra feature that also grants you the desirable feature is called Giant Mecha Valkyrie Feature. Once you collected ten symbols of the game logo underneath the trains on the reels, 10 Free Spins are triggered and played on a new game field. The Wild Symbols we previously mentioned turns gigantic – and as scary as rewarding, while the feature is active. 

Valkyries of Odin Payout

Valkyries of Odin Video Slot offers 5 reels over 3 rows and 30 fixed paylines that grant payouts from left to right. Underneath the game field, you can see the control panel where you can adjust your bet by clicking the green arrow to the left side of the text “Total Bet”. You can also make settings for a practical autoplay of 100 spins at the most. 

Valkyries of Odin Graphics and Music

The thrilling theme of the game is captivating and the mythological hints with the brave Valkyries on the reels surely raise the interest in a split second. Th design, as well as the animations, are very efficient and eventful with glowing runes, rain, and flaming shines both on and around the game field. The reels have, as mentioned before, been put on a huge sail and in the backdrop, you can see a storming sea and clouds in dove turquoise, dark-blue, and pink tones. Wherever you collect symbols to maintain Free Spins in the Giant Mecha Valkyrie Feature, the Viking shields are lit up at the edge of the ship to add to the already grant thrill. Stakelogic has surely worked hard on the graphics of the game and yet again they have succeeded in demonstrating their skills and ability to engage us. 

About the provider, Stakelogic

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