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Play Lost Vegas online: Check out our slot review below

We are thrilled to introduce a unique and incredibly rewarding video slot game for you. A game where you can choose yourself how you want to play the game, and what character you wish to be – this can determine the entire outcome of the game, so choose wisely. This is Lost Vegas, a game brought to you by Microgaming. 

Microgaming is the brilliant brain behind this video slot, and they are the behind the very first real online casino which was launched back in 1994. The industry has grown tremendously since then, and they have certainly kept themselves in the loop throughout this time. The company is based in the Isle of Man, and they have a big team that works tirelessly to create, develop, and design high-quality games for some of the biggest operators on the market. Their skill sets stretch a lot further than just one type of game, though, some of their products are casino, multi-player, mobile, poker, bingo, land-based, sportsbook, live dealers, as well as software products such as Quickfire – which Is used by most operators. They currently offer around 850 games in 1200 different variants – and they keep releasing new titles every month. 

Some of the games provided by Microgaming are among others; Mega Moolah, Jungle Jim - El Dorado, Immortal Romance, Spring Break, and Bridesmaids. This time, Lost Vegas is added to their extensive and brilliant portfolio. Let´s get started!

Lost Vegas main game

The moment you enter the game, the entity of it will strike you. The entire game is just stunning and incredibly fascinating. The horror movie and tv-series has never been so popular as it is now, so Microgaming has surely put their efforts in the perfect game. This is all inspired by zombies, all of our great passion. With shows such as Walking Dead and World War Z, the theme of this game will surely blend in and become a success with all. 

When starting the game, you start with choosing a side. Either you are with the zombies who are led by an Elvis impersonator, showgirl, a nurse, a couple, and an elderly tourist. Or, you choose the survivor group featuring a gold player, a high-roller in a fancy suit, and the everyday working girl. Here you can also see the guard and the waitress as great symbols of this team. The symbols are all made in outstanding animations with sound effects. The best part just might be that you can switch sides from zombies to survivor’s in-between any spin. 

The zombies are made creepy, and the survivors made well. The special symbols of this game depend on which side you have chosen since they both feature various bonuses, rewards, and features. When in the Zombie mode, you have a bonus game with high payouts, as well as Wilds and Scatters. But we will reveal all about the features soon! 

Lost Vegas theme, graphics, and music 

Lost Vegas is clearly inspired by one of the today´s favourite genre – Zombies and the Apocalypse. This might just have something to do with the successful series based on just this, that has become greatly appreciated by people all over the world. One of these successes is The Walking Dead – an American horror-drama series based on a world overrun by zombies – so-called walkers. It premiered in 2010, in 120 countries, and quickly became a hit list, high rated show immediately and people all over are anticipating the newest episodes and seasons. This might just have been the spark and uprising of the popularity of Zombies – of course, it did start earlier than that, though. The classic movies 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, and Shaun of the Dead are all mega hit movies inspired by a zombie apocalypse. Finally, this grand genre has made its way into a video slot like no other you have ever seen. Welcome to Lost Vegas! 

The design and graphics of Lost Vegas are simply great. The game is set in Las Vegas with two districts modes, either you play as a zombie or a survivor. You can see the rainy street with dimmed lights in the halls of a casino at the strip. Moving animations are displayed at times, and you will get into the right mood of the game instantly. Microgaming has surely exceeded themselves with Lost Vegas – it is one of the best games they have developed when it comes to the gameplay and the entire symbol and animation system. 

Lost Vegas payout

You will be playing Lost Vegas with 5 reels on 3 rows – this with 243 ways to win. 

Lost Vegas bonus game

There are two bonus features of Lost Vegas, one for the survivor mode, and one for the zombie mode. 

Blackout Bonus feature – the survivor bonus – can appear at any time after a losing spin. When this happens, a sudden blackout will occur, the screen becomes black for a few moments before the night vision goggles are put on. This bonus results in real high cash prizes!

The Zombie fistful of cash – the zombie bonus – is also completely random and is triggered by a losing spin. When this happens, a gigantic zombie hand full of cash reaches up from below the reels. This one can also grant you some tremendous cash wins! 

Lost Vegas free spins

If you get the losing spin, with a nuclear Scatter symbol somewhere on the reels, the free spins feature is triggered. The Scatter is the same for both game modes, but the survivors get the free spins with an additional Stack feature. This shows as an avalanche where the low valued symbols fall from the reels to be replaced by fresh symbols falling from above. But even better, all symbols that will disappear will add to the survivor stash meter that is placed above the reels. This is where the prizes are collected, and you will be awarded this after the feature ends. 

Lost Vegas special features

Infection feature

The free spins feature in the zombie mode is a bit different; the Zombie mode has an Infection feature. Here, the zombies turn into Wilds and will infect all reels they touch for the remaining of the free spins. This game mode has the potential of being the most rewarding of the game as it can grant you with up to 2155x the max spin with 45 in credits. 

We hope that you will enjoy this grand success just as much as we do! It is a breath of fresh air to the otherwise so traditional video slot features and themes; Microgaming has surely done a great job. We wish you the best of luck!