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“In Old Havana, the names of the streets before the revolution provided a glimpse into the city's state of mind. You might have known someone who lived on the corner of Soul and Bitterness, Solitude and Hope, or Light and Avocado.”

With this, we would like to welcome you to a unique, and incredibly exciting video slot game brought to you by NextGen. A game that takes you back to the happy times of a fascinating country that we know all too little about -Cuba. Welcome to Fiesta Cubana! 

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Fiesta Cubana main game

The pastel houses, tobaccos, and salsa all make up for the Cuba-mood that no other game has been able to grant you with. Cuba is a very fascinating country with a way of its own, they don´t live like others, they are considered more relaxed and preserved, and the country in itself is a sheer beauty with old houses, cars, and a long history. And finally, we will get to enjoy the Cuban vibe in a vivid, colourful, and absolutely stunning video slot inspired by Cuba in the 1950´s. 

The symbols you can come across when spinning the reels of Fiesta Cubana are all made to suit the theme of the game and they are certainly very well-made. You are invited to the Cuban party – and the animations all reveal what you have to look forward to. You can see the bongo drums, the mojito drink, the whiskey and cigar, the maracas, and the guiro. Apart from this, you have the higher paying symbols which are represented by the Señorita (lady), Señor (gent), bailarises (dancers), corista (singer) and danzarinas (more dancers). 

The unique part about the symbols, are that the five high paying symbol can all grant you free spins and re-spins, but we will reveal more about this shortly. The Scatter symbol of the game is the classic red car, and the game logo is the Wild symbol. These can all grant you some incredible wins and feature, so keep a lookout for them! 

Fiesta Cubana theme, graphics, and music

Cuba is situated in the tropical and magical Caribbean, and it is the biggest island there. It is a very unique country in itself, with many interesting events, rules, a way of life, and events. Did you know that Cubans were prohibited from owning cell phones until 2008? Did you also know that it is illegal for the US to make any business with Cuba? At least up until 2015 when the countries restored diplomatic relations – one that had been ongoing from 1961 and the Cold War. Or that only 5% of the population in Cuba has internet access or that they aren´t allowed to sell coca cola? 

But, there is some real fun and uplifting facts as well, one that Cuba is the birthplace of dances such as Mambo and Cha Cha. Cubans are also only allowed to own cars created and bought before 1959 – after this year all cars were seized by the government and they still own them to this day. The fearsome Fidel Castro erected a statue of John Lennon since he was such a big fan – one that still stands. Well, there are endless of fun facts about Cuba and their way of life – it is to say the least impressively fascinating! 

Havana is the capital of Cuba – and this is where we are going to today. A place not all has been able to visit. But the Cubans has invited us for a grant party – Cuban style – dancing, drinks, the infamous Cuban cigars, and whiskey is offered. This along with the gorgeous design and graphics of the game all makes up for a gaming experience as unique as Cuba itself. 

The warm, vibrant colours all take over the game, with the pastel houses lining up in the backdrop, with the blue skies and palm trees. The entire atmosphere of the game is great, and very easy to enjoy from. 

Fiesta Cubana payout

Fiesta Cubana is a quite rewarding game with a medium high volatility, as well as 5 reels on 3 rows. In addition to this, Fiesta Cubana video slot also offers 243 ways to win – making it even greater and more rewarding. 

Fiesta Cubana bonus game 

With all its great attributes and grand features offered, Fiesta Cubana does not offer a bonus game – and to be frank, it is not needed. But if you love the party themes with exotic dancing and drinks, then you should check out Samba Carnival from Play´n GO – same same but different. It takes you to another place, but the mood is quite similar – and you are offered a Bongo Bonus where you bang on them to win. 

Fiesta Cubana free spins 

When the classic red car (Scatter symbol) appears – the Tiempo de Fiesta feature is triggered. These symbols can only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 and when this happens, you are awarded 8 free games. During this feature, Wilds in the middle reel is held in position in the meanwhile. 

Fiesta Cubana special features

Wild symbol

The Fiesta Cubana logo symbol is the Wild of the game and this has the ability to step in to replace other symbols to create winning combinations. It also plays a significant part in the free spins feature, as mentioned above. The Wild can in the base game only appear on reel 3. 


The five high paying symbols all have the unique ability to trigger the Fiesta Cubana Re-spins, this simply by landing together with a Wild symbol. Any additional triggering symbols that can appear, will trigger yet another re-spin. 

We hope that you are ready for a party a la 50´s and Cuba. You are surely in for a treat - Fiesta Cubana is certainly a game unlike any you have seen before. We wish you the best of luck!