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Play Cherry Bomb Deluxe online: Check out our slot review below

Do not miss the opportunity to meet this exciting classic representative of Video Slot, named Cherry Bomb Deluxe - from Booming Games. This game will be a real blessing for you! It has everything you need for an unforgettable hunt for good luck. With an impressive selection of award winning combinations, special fruits symbols, and winning combinations, you will definitely feel the true taste of victory!

Booming Games is a game developer company founded in 2014 which, despite its relatively short history, has managed to grow rapidly and achieve quite a lot of prestige in the industry. It has offices in London, the Isle of Man, Athens and Manila, and it delivers high-quality game content to more online casinos.

The goal of this game developer is to become one of the leading players in the industry. This is not a small target, but we do not doubt that it should not be achieved. The action of Booming Games in the European gaming market has already indicated that it has everything in its back pocket for what a successful game developer needs. In the future, there will be plans to focus on the rest of the market, especially for other game developers in the Asian market today.

Booming Games's gaming products are always based on top quality maths around which gaming solutions that provide rewarding experiences have been built around. All of its games, of course, are also fair and meet the requirements of laws and regulations. Booming Games works closely with online casinos to create high-quality gaming content all over the world.

Cherry Bomb Deluxe  main game

It does not surprise with this title, of course, that the rolls are based on fruits. These icons have been freshly crafted and give Cherry Bomb Deluxe a stylish look. 

The fruit games are absolutely no rarity, so those game machines in which mainly fruits the rollers populate. These are the classics and just somehow belong to it. And it is also not surprising that new games with the same symbols appear constantly. Partial but always something different. This is also the case with Cherry Bomb Deluxe. Here you can really look forward to a fruity experience and not only that, because the entire ambience of the game has quite a touch of a nice holiday. This starts with the music, so you can imagine, just with fresh fruits and fireworks. If the music should disturb you, you can deactivate it at any time. You can search your luck in this game of Booming Games, as well as determine how risky you want to play it. Different functions are also available and the cherries are particularly strong here, which is already a clear difference to most other game machines with fruits. Ultimately, a nice game with good features.

Cherry Bomb Deluxe payout

The Cherry Bomb Deluxe Video Slot is a five-reel, three-line, and ten pay lines game. Players can activate the number of wagers they want, but remember that the number of active pay lines also affects how much the winnings are available on coils. Winnings are only paid for symbol combinations for active pay lines. However, in the Cherry Bomb Deluxe video game, the player also has a 2 way pay feature, which will win both sides.

When you win, you can also try to increase your winning stake with the gambling function. This is simply done by clicking on the activating gambling button under the reels after the win.

Cherry Bomb Deluxe theme, graphics, and music

You start Cherry Bomb and you can adjust yourself directly to a good mood, because here it is colourful theme and yet relaxed. Here you can literally see the vitamins of the fruits and maybe they bring you some luck. The latter you will need if you want to make some profits in Cherry Bomb Deluxe. This is not so difficult in theory, but it is also not standard. You rotate the five reels to rearrange the symbols. If there are now rows of the same symbols, the cash register is already ringing. There are, however, differences in the profits which depend on the symbols, but also on your bets.

Cherry Bomb Deluxe special features

The Cherry Bomb Deluxe video game is full of explosive action, but no bonus game from its reels can be found. The free spins can be played by the player on its reels, but if you like the bonus game, you should choose another game. This could be Thundercick's Arcader Video Slot game, like the Cherry Bomb Deluxe Video Slot game, including fruit symbols and classic gameplay, but also a bonus game that can be accessed when enough mysteries are hit by the coils. The more you get the bonus game with this kind of symbol, the higher the odds gains. The winnings in the bonus game are collected in the mystery grid by progressing, so excitement will be silly.

Cherry Bomb Deluxe wild symbol

The wild symbol of the Cherry Bomb Deluxe video game is a gigantic, two cherry bomb symbol that can replace any basic game symbols. The joker symbol can help the player in winning combinations. Another function that helps with the payload is the 2 way pay function that we mentioned earlier. This means that the player gets the gains both from the left to the right and from the right-hand winning combinations. What would be more awesome! The 2 way pay function basically means that a player gets double the pay out versus pay lines.

Cherry Bomb Deluxe adds an explosive edge to the original, replacing fruits with fireworks to launch your winnings into the stratosphere. Light the fuse, stand back and prepare for some eruptive spins.

With all the excitement and music of a grand occasion, Cherry Bomb Deluxe will create a show that promises to entertain.

Ultimately, Cherry Bomb is really easy to play. It does not need much. You start the game in the casino and you should keep in mind the number of lines and your lap bet. You can also check the winning table at any time to take a look at the functions.

Good Luck!